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As of January 1, 2019 the Borough of Conshohocken stopped taking grass clippings with yard waste collection. To assist residents with this transition the Borough has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers since introducing this change. For additional questions or for more information, please call 610-828-1092. 

Why does the Borough no longer accept grass clippings with yard waste? 

In the past our Public Works Department took residential grass clippings to a facility in Upper Merion for disposal. This facility no longer accepts grass clippings from other municipalities. Unfortunately, there are no other nearby facilities that we can take our grass clippings to without significantly increasing operating costs. 

Can I put of my grass clippings in my regular trash? 

No. Grass clippings should not be included with your regular household trash or with yard waste. Public Works will not collect grass clippings left curbside. Doing so may also result in a violation or fine. Trash services are included in resident taxes; however, the Borough pays a facility to dispose of trash. The cost of disposal is based on weight.  Putting grass clippings in your trash increases the overall trash weight generated by the Borough. During the summer, grass clippings could account for more than 50% of all residential trash. This would ultimately affect the overall costs of garbage disposal and increase budget costs for the Borough.

What should I do with my grass clippings instead?

Residents are encouraged to recycle their grass clippings as an alternative option to disposal.  Grass clippings are 100% recyclable, which means you can put them directly back into your soil. This helps your lawn, helps the environment and makes mowing your lawn easier and faster.  Grass clippings can be used in a number of ways for fertilization, lawn care, mulching, and composting. If you can’t use your grass clippings, try to find a neighbor who can! To learn more about how you can put your grass clippings to good use, please visit the Borough’s website at www.conshohockenpa.gov/yardwaste. 

What are some the benefits of recycling grass clippings? 

  • Grass clippings promote better growth by returning essential plant nutrients to the lawn.
  • Grass clippings keep the soil cooler and help maintain soil moisture. They also enhance topsoil development and improve soil structure. 
  • Recycling grass clippings frees up valuable landfill space and reduces landfill methane gas and leachate problems. 
  • You no longer need to purchase expensive trash bags.
  • Recycling grass clippings saves time and money spent on commercial fertilizers.
  • You’ll eliminate physical injuries caused by bagging, lifting and carrying grass clippings.

What if I still want to dispose of my grass clippings? 

To properly dispose of grass clippings residents may take them to a commercial compost facility. If you need help locating a compost company go to http://findacomposter.com/. For additional resources from Montgomery County and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), please visit the list of links below. 

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