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The Conshohocken Zoning Hearing Board will conduct a public hearing on December 14, 2020 at 7:00 PM via remote means. This meeting will be held using a Go-To-Meeting platform. The public is encouraged to participate as set forth below.

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679
Access Code: 972-846-509

This link will also be made available on the Borough’s homepage at: www.conshohockenpa.gov, under the “News & Announcements” section.  If this is the first time you have used Go-To-Meeting, the link will direct you to a website to download the Go-To-Meeting application.  Please follow the instructions to install the Go-To-Meeting application. If you have already downloaded the Go-To-Meeting application, the link will redirect you to the application itself.  Please follow the instructions. It is recommended that you download the application in advance of the meeting time.  If you attempt to sign in prior to the start of the meeting, the Go-To-Meeting application will inform you that the meeting has not started.  Please close the application and log back in at the time of the meeting (7:00 PM).

1. Use Go-To-Meeting to view the video feed.

2. Call-in to participate via audio. For ease of use, this method of audio participation (whether listening or providing a public comment pursuant to section 3) should be used by all participants, even those using the Go-To-Meeting application to view the video feed.  

The public is asked to please keep their phones on mute at all times, unless giving a public comment as set forth in section below.

3. There will be a designated time on the agenda for public comment. Those with public comment shall state their name and address. Prior to the start of the meeting, you may submit written comments by e-mailing them to bmyrsiades@conshohockenpa.gov.  Similarly, during the meeting, you may submit written comments by e-mailing them to bmyrsiades@conshohockenpa.gov. Public comments submitted in this manner will be read by a member of Borough Administration during the public comment period. Because the actual time of the public comment period is determined by the pace of the meeting, please submit all comments as soon as possible, whether before or during the meeting. Written comments shall include the submitting person’s name, address, and property in question.                

At this time, the Conshohocken Zoning Hearing Board will hear testimony and accept evidence on the following properties.

Petitioner: Seven Tower Bridge Development, LLC
Premises Involved: 110 Washington St., Conshohocken, PA 19428
District: Specially Planned District 2

Petitioner: Corson Street Acquisitions, LP
Premises Involved: 400 W. Elm Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428
District: Specially Planned District 3

Petitioner: ACG, LLC
Premises Involved: 900 Fayette Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428
District: Residential Office

Persons who wish to become parties to the application must notify the Borough of their intent to ask for party status at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled hearing by emailing the entry of appearance form to zoning@conshohockenpa.gov. Said persons must be available to participate in the zoning hearing on the scheduled date and time. It is noted that submitting the attached entry of appearance form does not guarantee that you will be granted party status. The Zoning Hearing Board decides who may participate in the hearing before it as a party, subject to Section 908(3) of the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC).  The MPC permits party status to any person “affected” by the application.  Having taxpayer status alone is not enough to claim party status; however, a person whose property or business abuts the property that is the subject of the appeal is affected and should qualify as a party.  Ultimately, the ZHB makes the party status determination after reviewing the request. ENTRY OF APPEARANCE FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 9, 2020.

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