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Employee Mission Statement

All career staff employed by the Conshohocken Fire Department shall bear in mind that they represent the Borough of Conshohocken at all times and will conduct themselves in a manner befitting our calling. It is our goal as employees of the Borough of Conshohocken to maintain an air of professionalism in both appearance and attitude while on duty and in all instances when dealing with the public. We shall strive to make fire prevention our number one goal by providing education to both the public and private sectors. In the event we are required to engage in fire suppression activities or other requests for assistance, we shall endeavor to work conjointly with the officers and members of the Conshohocken Fire Department to mitigate the situation in a manner befitting our status as professionals. As employees we shall engage in all activities assigned to us with a spirit of cooperation to not only maintain a professional image befitting the Conshohocken Fire Department, but to further the cause of the fire service in general. This we have sworn before Conshohocken Borough Council and the residents of the community.

Hours of Employment

Primary workdays and hours will be Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm, as determined by the supervisor. Additional hours may be requested for special events on nights or weekends. Employees shall report to assigned stations by the designated time. On the days assigned to station duty, the employee shall remain in station. Exception: responding to an emergency, out for the designated lunch period or with permission of the employees’ supervisor.


The Borough of Conshohocken shall supply the employee with one Class B uniform. Care of uniforms provided by the Borough shall by the sole responsibility of the employee.

Other Equipment

All radios, phones, pagers, vehicles, etc. owned by the Borough or the Borough Fire Companies shall be maintained in good condition with all problems and or deficiencies reported to the appropriate officer immediately. The Borough, at its discretion, my recall any piece of equipment should it be deemed necessary. Per the agreement between both Borough fire stations and the Borough, employees may be required to use station vehicles for the purpose of conducting their assigned code enforcement duties.

Certification, Training, and Continuing Education Requirement

The employee shall maintain the following certifications:

  • Firefighter State Level I
  • Vehicle Rescue Technician or equivalent
  • Hazardous Materials Operations Level
  • Pump Operations Course
  • EVOC for Fire Service 
  • CPR, AED and First Aid
  • (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician Required 
  • (EMR) Emergency Medical Responder Required

The employee shall be responsible for obtaining all refresher classes required to maintain the current level of certification. Should refresher classes be available at the Montgomery County Fire Academy or other accredited agency during the hours the employee is working, the employer may, at its discretion, permit the employee to attend said classes and assume responsibility for the fees incurred.

Employee may be required to obtain additional certifications and or training relating to the Fire, EMS, Hazmat, and Code Enforcement related disciplines should the employer deem it appropriate.

Additional Requirements

  • High school diploma/GED required
  • Current driver’s license
  • At least 21 years of age 
  • US citizen
  • Ability to pass background check, drug and alcohol screening and medical and physical examination

Station Assignments

Employee will be assigned to the Borough fire stations. Employees assigned station may be changed or altered as deemed necessary by employer. Duties shall include but not be limited to the following:

Apparatus – Weekly

  • Check all fluid levels, including tank water and air cascade levels.
  • Wash apparatus/vehicle.
  • Clean apparatus windows.
  • Maintain tire air pressure.
  • Maintain compartments, passenger & equipment, in a clean, orderly fashion.
  • Maintain satisfactory fuel level.
  • Check pumps and aerial, if so equipped, for proper operation.
  • Visual check of all gauges, lenses, and lighting, both emergency and DOT.
  • Assist volunteer staff with placing apparatus back in service after large or extended incidents.
  • Report all problems encountered to the appropriate company officer on forms supplied by the Fire Company.

Equipment – Weekly

  • Operate all small engine powered equipment once per week.
  • Verify fuel levels in small engine equipment are satisfactory.
  • Maintain all submersible pumps as needed, both electric and gasoline/diesel powered.
  • Verify that all SCBA, including cylinders, are in working order and stored on the apparatus properly.
  • Assist company officers with the laundering of all fire department and company owned personnel protective equipment (bunker gear).

Station Assignments – Weekly or as required

  • Empty trash containers and place trash/rubbish in dumpster or out for pick up as required.
  • Sweep, mop and, if applicable, vacuum all spaces occupied by the Fire Company. This is to include restroom(s), kitchens, and sleeping areas. 
  • Maintain all furnishings, desks, workbenches, etc. in a clean and dust free condition. 
  • Other duties may be required.

Emergency Responses

  • The primary responsibilities of the employee shall be to drive and operate Fire Department apparatus and perform suppression activities during an emergency or other request for Fire Department assistance. Nothing shall preclude the employee from yielding the operators seat should another qualified driver be available.
  • Should the employee yield the operators seat he/she shall engage in suppression/mitigation activities appropriate to the situation.
  • Employees’ duties while responding to and performing at all emergencies shall come under the direction of the officer in charge.
  • Employee shall utilize Borough supplied personal protective equipment at all incidents where PPE is required.
  • NOTE: The employee shall exhibit a spirit of cooperation at all calls for mutual aid outside of the Borough.

This job description does not list all the duties of the job. The Senior Career Firefighter, Executive Director of Operations and/or Borough Manager may ask employee to perform other job-related duties. Employee will be evaluated in part based upon performance of the tasks listed in the job description. Employee may be asked by to perform other duties; provided those duties are not illegal or injurious to the employees’ health; Management has the right to revise this job description at any time. 

This is an FLSA non-exempt position. The position is an at-will position; the person hired for this position is hired for no specific term and the Borough reserves the right to terminate the relationship at any time. Nothing in this job description should be construed as a contract or guarantee of continued employment and the Borough reserves the right to change benefits or bypass discipline policies if the situation warrants. 

How to Apply

Those interested in applying for this position should submit their completed application for employment, resume and cover letter to Human Resources at humanresources@conshohockenpa.gov. Applications may also be mailed or delivered to the Borough of Conshohocken, 400 Fayette Street, Suite 200, Conshohocken, PA 19428. Applications should be submitted no later than Monday, March 8, 2021 by 4:00 PM. All inquiries related to this job posting should be directed to Human Resources at 610-828-1092 or humanresources@conshohockenpa.gov.

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