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Yard Waste

Yard Waste Collection Every Wednesday

Yard waste is recyclable, therefore the separation and collection of this material is mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Conshohocken Borough.

  • Weeds, leaves, brush and plants should be placed in biodegradable paper composting bags. Please no trash in these bags. Grass clippings are not accepted.
  • Each bag should not to be heavier then 50 pounds.
  • Tree branches under five-(5") in diameter, not exceeding five-(5') in length, are to be securely tied into bundles and should not to be heaver then 50 pounds.
  • Christmas trees. Please no decorations, tree stands or plastic tree bags.
  • Please place your bags and or bundles at curbside on your property no earlier than 5:00 PM the night before.

Fall Leaf Collection 

Every year the Department of Public Services collects leaves beginning in October and ending in December. The final schedule will be posted to the Borough website.  

Fall Leaf Collection Rules and Regulations:

  • Leaf piles may extend along the length of your entire property. Please rake your piles to the curb but not into the street.
  • Please do not mix limbs, brush, and other debris in the leaf piles. This may result in damage to equipment and injuries to employees.
  • Adverse weather conditions may cause delays on posted leaf collection dates. 
  • Once the leaf collecting machine passes it will NOT return.
  • Leaves will not be collected in the trash. Trash with leaves commingled will not be collected.
  • NO PARKING signs will be posted on scheduled streets prior to leaf-vac collection. Motorists should obey the posted ‘no parking’ signs and be cautious on all roads during leaf collection season.
  • Leaf collection is limited on E. Hector and Elm Streets due to narrow roads, high traffic volume, one-way traffic, and the leaf-vac equipment. Public Services will make every effort to leaf-vac these roads, however residents on these blocks should plan to bag their leaves and/or yard waste and place curbside for pick up on Wednesdays with yard waste colleciton.

Christmas Tree Recycling 

The Department of Public Services collects Christmas trees each year following the holiday. Residents are asked to put their used Christmas trees out on Tuesday before the Wednesday yard waste pick-up. Tree bags, all ornaments, lights and stands must be removed. The trees are collected, chipped and composted. 

Grass Clippings 

Grass clippings are no longer accepted with yard waste collection. They should be left on your lawn to act as a natural fertilizer. 

Grass Clipping FAQs

Recycle Grass Clippings 
Putting Grass Clippings To Work While You Mow! Recycling grass clippings means putting them back into your soil. This helps your lawn, helps the environment and makes mowing easier and faster. 

  • Grass clippings are 100% recyclable.
  • Grass clippings promote better growth by returning essential plant nutrients to the lawn.
  • Every trash bag of clippings contains as much as a quarter pound of usable organic nitrogen. 
  • Grass clippings keep the soil cooler and help maintain soil moisture.
  • Grass clippings enhances topsoil development and improves soil structure. 
  • During the summer, grass clippings can account for more than 50% of all residential trash.
  • Recycling grass clippings frees up valuable landfill space and reduces landfill methane gas and leachate problems. 

Lawn Care
Recycling grass clippings requires only basic lawn care: 

  • Mow frequently, each time cutting about ½ inch to 1 inch and never cutting the lawn shorter than 2 to 2 ½ inches in height.
  • Keep mower blades sharp to avoid injuring the grass and to minimize the length of the grass clippings.
  • Use mulching mower or one that discharges grass clippings evenly. 
  • Do not over fertilize. Too much fertilizer can contaminate surface and ground water and stimulate new growth that will need mowing.
  • Do not water excessively. Too much water can increase that need for more frequent moving. 

Avoid recycling grass clippings when your lawn is too tall or the conditions are too wet. Instead, use grass clippings as mulch. Mulching provides a variety of benefits:

  • Clipping spreads evenly around the garden and bedding plants help control weeds. 
  • Mulching shades the soil surface, keeps soil temperatures low and helps to retain moisture. 
  • Clippings release valuable nutrients as they decompose. 

If you can’t use your grass clippings, find a neighbor who can. Avoid mulching with grass clippings that have been recently treated with herbicides that may harm sensitive plants. Instead, leave recently treated clippings on the lawn or place them into a compost bin, where most herbicides will break down. 

Benefits of Recycling Grass Clippings 

  • Mowing time can be reduced 50% by eliminating the bagging and disposal of clippings.
  • You won’t need to purchase expensive trash bags.
  • Recycling grass clippings saves time and money spent on commercial fertilizers.
  • You’ll eliminate physical injuries caused by bagging, lifting and carrying grass clippings.

Composting Yard Waste
Composting grass clippings and leaves is another time and money saving option for recycling yard waste. 


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