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Emergency Alerts

Borough of Conshohocken Emergency Alerts

CodeRED Alerts

The Borough of Conshohocken uses CodeRED, a web-based communication tool, which can disseminate important information related to emergency and non-emergency incidents, such as evacuation notices, missing persons, inclement weather advisories, and more. The system is capable of reaching hundreds of thousands of users within minutes through phone, text or email. Users must register online and create an account to receive alerts. Upon registering, users can designate how they wish to receive alerts. We highly encourage all residents, businesses, and anyone working within the borough to register for CodeRED.

Register online for CodeRED

CodeRED Forms

Montgomery County Emergency Alerts & Tools

In addition to Code Red, Conshohocken Borough residents, visitors and businesses have a multitude of emergency communication apps at their disposal. All of these are in collaboration with Montgomery County, PA and come to the user free of charge. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these options and make use of them, so you can be better prepared in an emergency. 


ReadyMontco is your official source for notifications about emergencies, severe weather, crime alerts and disasters in Montgomery County. When there is a potential safety hazard or concern in your area, you will receive a notification in the form of a text message, email, voice call, or mobile app alert. You can specify the type of notifications, the area, and how you wish to be contacted to receive time-sensitive messages. ReadyMontco is administered by the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety and comes to you free of charge (text messaging and voice rates may apply). 


Smart911 is a free, private, and secure safety profile that provides first responders with the information they need to assist you in an emergency. Over 80% of 911 calls are made from a mobile device, which provides very little information about the caller to 911 call takers. With Smart911, you can provide 911 call takers and first responders with critical information you want them to know in any kind of emergency. It is a national service, which means your safety profile is available to any participating 911 call center nationwide. 


RAVEfacility allows school campuses, healthcare facilities, and commercial properties to improve organizational safety. Your RAVEfacility profile provides emergency responders with critical information about your facilities, such as access codes, building layouts, etc.  


MontcoCrimeTips allows Montgomery County residents an anonymous, modern, convenient, and safe way to report crimes or suspicious activity to law enforcement in real time, making them more effective at doing what is needed to protect the community. Use the STOPit mobile app to anonymously report incidents to law enforcement


PulsePointAED is a community tool that is used to crowdsource and track AEDs throughout the county. PulsePointAED lets you report and update AED locations so that emergency responders, including nearby citizens trained in CPR and off-duty professionals such as firefighters, police officers and nurses, can find an AED close to them when a cardiac emergency occurs.


PulsePointRespond allows users who are trained in CPR and willing to assist in an emergency to be notified in the event that someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR. When an ambulance is dispatched to a sudden cardiac arrest within a quarter mile of your vicinity, you will be alerted via the mobile app with a location of the victim and the nearest AEDs.


ReadyRadio is Montgomery County Department of Public Safety’s radio broadcast network for essential information related to safety, health, and emergency preparedness in the home, at the workplace, and in our communities. Conshohocken falls within two radio frequencies – 106.5 WRDY and 105.7 WEMA.