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The Borough of Conshohocken is partnering with Refresh-a-Can in 2024 to provide all Borough residents with trash and recycling can cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing. The program begins Monday, March 18, on East 12th Avenue.

The Refresh-A-Can schedule will mirror the Borough's trash pick-up schedule. Refresh-A-Can will be on the East Side of the Borough on Mondays and the West Side of the Borough on Tuesdays. If a holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, Refresh-A-Can will clean on Wednesday.

To participate in this service, residents simply need to keep their trash and recycling cans out after the Borough collects their trash and recycling.

Refresh-A-Can will only clean trash and recycling cans provided by the Borough. Non-Borough trash cans will not be cleaned.

If you have questions about the Refresh-A-Can program, please call Shauna Wylesol at (610) 828-1092

To stay up-to-date on the Refresh-A-Can schedule, follow the Borough social media channels and Refresh-A-Can on Facebook.

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